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Heartfelt Celebrations' end-of-life celebration program helps you with everything you'll need for end-of-life planning, celebration, and leaving a legacy - in one secure location. We're here to improve quality of life at end of life, while reducing costs. One of the best gifts you can leave your loved ones is a clear end-of-life plan that honors and celebrates your life and the lives of the people closest to you. Fewer than 30% have any end-of-life plans in place.

Heartfelt Celebrations helps individuals, employers who are self-funded, employees, health care providers, and the insurance industry improve quality of life at end of life, while reducing costs. We do this through educational workshops, our online portal and our Conversation Workbooks.

Did you know?
  • 50% of the U.S. population is baby boomers and older.
  • Fewer than 30% of the population have any end-of-life plans in place.
  • The insurance industry anecdotally states that 75% of all health care costs are for end of life.
  • Billions of dollars are spent on end-of-life care that is often unwanted or unnecessary.
  • $55 billion per year is spent by Medicare for end-of-life costs.
  • 25% of people on Medicare run out of assets due to end-of-life costs.
  • Billions of dollars are lost each year due to unclaimed bank accounts and insurance policies.
  • Planning for end of life at end of life is the worst time to do it.

To Get Started
The hardest thing is to get started. Heartfelt Celebrations will help you and guide you through the process with our educational tools. Come on in and check us out!

Let our "Heartfelt ChoicesTM" end-of-life celebration program help you complete everything you need for your celebration of life,
legacy and documentation.